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Welcome to TM 2020 WOC Las Vegas

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The opening of the China-US trade war means that the advantages of China’s low-cost manufacturing has gone. As for machinery manufacturers in the first round of  USA tax list, we have lost the cost advantage of low manufacturing price in the international market. Many manufacturers have to struggle with the addition of the enterprise cost rising, the raw material cost rising and the national environmental protection storm. For 20 years history,  60% of TM customers are from the European and American market. In this difficult environment, it is all left for us to create high-quality, high-efficiency systemized equipment.


As we all know, World of Concrete in Las Vegas, USA, is the most grand gathering in the flooring industry. TM, with its long-standing and profound technical strength, will bring many intelligent innovative flooring products to 2020 WOC in USA. This time TM will spend more than 2 million RMB to build an outdoor 1,500 square feet of practical demonstration site, which is the largest exhibition investment of TM. The ultra large floor system equipment demonstration space and the super strong floor system equipment lineup, are only for showing the power of Made in China, rather, showing the power of Made in TM.

At this World of Concrete Exhibition, TM will exhibit a complete set of Concrete System Equipment, including Ride-on Concrete Grinder without long wires, Floor Grinding Robot, Intelligent Laser Grinding Equipment, Laser Milling and Grinding Equipment for high-efficiency Concrete Surface Treatment, and Partial Refinement Edge Grinder, high-efficiency Polishing Equipment, Remote-Controlled Dust Collection Equipment, etc. At the same time, it has brought super flat floor solutions to the industry, commercial terrazzo floor construction solutions.  TM can be brave to display so many high-efficiency intelligent products is the reason that in the United States, in the international market, everyone not only recognizes high-quality products technology, but also give the greatest respect of the original intellectual property rights. European and American people are very disdainful of copying, imitating and duplicating products everywhere. The products will be scorned that are bright surface and rough  interior. For this reason, TM invested heavily in the World of Concrete Exhibition.


People from Europe and America rather to pay for the most competitive products with high quality according to TM’s prior experience. They will consider a company’s product system from different dimension because they always have the skill of the industry construction projects . What the equipment they required is gonna help them to grow business and  lower cost during using. Because  the labor cost is incredible high in the local,  they prefer to the easy-transportation, more intellectualized, convenient operation and high efficiency machines. In China while science and technology developed rapidly , there also exists the technical workers shortage and high labor cost problems. It’s the time to think how to overcome the bottleneck and how we’re going to grow. However, people rely on the intelligent machinery to lower the labor cost in such these Scientific Calendar. As the innovator of gear-driving technical grinding machine, TM  mission is  creating the floor system equipments with high efficiency and high quality. TM has one ride-on floor grinder named TM-USO, grinding 400—500 square meter per hour. For the 150,000 square meter construction site, we only need 2 staff to finish. Therefore we need  clearly realize where is the development direction of the enterprise and what is the core competitiveness of the enterprise.


We suggest people should choose the floor system equipments not the single grinding machine during construction projects. In the video of TM super-flat floor solutions, we invest the professional equipments and 5 staff to finish  5,000 square meters of super-flat floor construction within 12 days. Combined with the large scale construction operation environment and experiences, we are upgrading and improving continuously, and chasing the beauty of floor technology. TM will become a shining pearl in the World of Concrete 2020 in Las Vegas. Let’s review the past achievement event of TM.

Welcome to TM World of Concrete in Las Vegas during Feb.4, 2020 ——Feb.7, 2020.

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