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TUOMEIs plan for the future

Source:上海拓美机械自动设备有限公司    DATE:2020/11/12   Hits:

The development of domestic floor industry will have a change in concept, with the popularity of industry culture, customer needs will be more and more clear, they can quickly identify what they need is the standard ground. The era of business-oriented and market-oriented enterprises relying on interpersonal channels is over. The future customers are pursuing quality. Enterprises must pay attention to products, technologies and services at the same time, to provide customers with the most perfect products, the most exquisite technology, the most comprehensive service, only in this way to win the favor and trust of customers.


In fact, the domestic floor industry and foreign, the biggest gap is not the technology but the concept. As far as the current technology level is concerned, the domestic technology is no worse than that of foreign countries. In some respects, the domestic technology level even surpasses that of foreign countries, because the special degree of the domestic ground is higher than that of foreign countries, therefore, the equipment requirements are more stringent than abroad. We hope that our products can not only adapt to the flat surface of developed countries, and further improve its flatness and glossiness, but also adapt to the complex surface of some developing countries, and repair, beautify and perfect the defective surface.

When it comes to planning, Tuomei did not reach within a few years the number of domestic industry ranking, the number of international industry ranking such a corporate development plan. But there is a point, Tuomei in the next few years to pursue is to create more value for customers, in fact, is to create value for themselves. To achieve this goal, Tuomei will focus on "providing systematic equipment, systematic solutions" in the next few years, will provide customers with cost analysis, construction guidance and other services, to maximize customer satisfaction. "unmanned production" is the ultimate goal of Tuomei. 

With the development of society, the cost of human resources is getting higher and higher, and will put more human resources in research and development, market development, sales and service above. "unmanned production" premise is the input of hardware equipment, Tuomei in Jiangsu has more than 20,000 square meters of production base, the introduction of CNC has replaced part of the manual work, has now realized semi-automatic production. In the near future, Tuomei will fully realize "unmanned production. ".


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