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     Born in 2017, TM-CAMEL was created to solve incurable diseases in the project. It is also the most efficient concrete surface milling machine in the history. You will not feel confused by the depth of removal of concrete surfaces. Compared to other traditional milling machines on the market, TM-CAMEL is a unique gear driving planetary operation mode with 3-5 times higher work efficiency.

    TM-CAMEL is  640mm ultral-high milling width. The application of gear transmission planetary operation efficient operation technology, greatly improve the construction efficiency. Maximum single concrete milling depth up to 30mm, complete 100% full milling, no strip grooves left on the surface of the processed ground.With automatic adjustment milling depth and automatic walking device, so that the machine operation more convenient.Equipped with an electric frequency battery device, the machine is not connected to the power distribution line, can also easily operate transportation and handling. The complex construction environment will no longer be a problem.All the construction problems have been solved.


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